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AttributeError: module 'mvnc.mvncapi' has no attribute 'EnumerateDevices'

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OS Ubuntu 16.04.


I have installed the ncsdk 2 from the following source:


"git clone -b ncsdk2"


Install and make examples: OK


I have tested the NCS installation using the hello apps with success.


I want to use the the application "image-classifier" from ncappzoo, source:


"git clone"


When I execute "make run" or #python3 , I receive the following error:


AttributeError: module 'mvnc.mvncapi' has no attribute 'EnumerateDevices'


When I execute the Hello apps within the ncappzoo I have some errors, the last lines below:


cpp/hello_ncs.cpp:40:43: error: ‘mvncCloseDevice’ was not declared in this scope


retCode = mvncCloseDevice(deviceHandle);




cpp/hello_ncs.cpp:42:20: error: ‘MVNC_OK’ was not declared in this scope


if (retCode != MVNC_OK)




Makefile:10: recipe for target 'hello_ncs_cpp' failed


make: *** [hello_ncs_cpp] Error 1


For your information, the Python3 path output is:


python3 -c "import sys; print('\n'.join(sys.path))"


















Why the examples in the NCSDK run and the applications from ncappzoo do NOT work?


Please, do you have some suggestions to solve it?


Thank you

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Have you switched to the ncsdk2 branch of the ncappzoo repository?