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Could VPU plugin provide some kind of NCS2 resources usage statistic and why NCS2 works so slow?


We have the installation with 4 NCS2, connected to USB 3.0 sockets of industrial PC with Ubuntu. I have modified object_detection_demo_yolov3_async and fed it by our trained yolov3 network. It has the .bin file of size 123.091.790 bytes and input 832x832px and it looks like more then one network could be loaded in one Movidius MA2485 as it has 4 Gbit LPDDR4 memory in-package, could not it?

Anyway it could be very useful to monitor NCS's resource usage.

At the moment I'm calling plugin.LoadNetwork, it loads somewhat for about 90 seconds (why so long?!). And usually on 4th trial, It stucks for a while before throwing exception(example_log1.txt). Even if four trials finished successfully, plugin does not throw exception, doing some kind of prediction of resource usage, but stucks in trials to ping device (example_log2.txt).

In the first case I use successfully loaded requests to do inference in async manner and they work fine asynchronously, but still too slow.

But in the second scenario, application stucks forever and only can be terminated by sending Ctrl+C to the terminal.


Update: sometimes plugin also crashes with segmentation fault (example_log_3.txt with gdb output).


Kind regards


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Hi Sasha,

  • Hope your using Movidus MA2485 for object_detection_demo_yolov3_async?
  • Are you using direct Linux OS or installed virtual machine on other os and trying to use it for your usecase?
  • Could please provide the pic of ncs2 stick?


Thanks & Regards,

Lakshmi bhavani manda


Hi, Lakshmi!

Thank you for the answer!


  • If I understand correctly, Neural Compute Stick 2 shall contain MA2485, at least there are product code on every their delivered box: NCSM2485.DK, but we did not disassemble them to check =)
  • As I described in initial message, we have industrial PC for purpose of our installation, namely IEI TANK-870-Q170 with Intel Core i-7 CPU and 4GB of RAM. And yes, Linux OS (precisely, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS), runs directly on this PC.


Photo of installation attached. Three NCS2 are connected via USB 3.0 1.8m cables and 4th one directly to the USB-plug.



Hi Sasha,

The forum will handle NCS2 related issues. So, i am closing this thread, Could you please raise this issue in Openvino forum (



Lakshmi Bhavani Manda