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Looking for sample image detection project with Raspberry Pi 3 + NCS 2

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Hi everyone,


I'm quite a new learner to AI field with focus on image detection. I just want to ask if anyone has worked on an open-source project on image/object detection using Raspberry Pi 3 + Intel NCS 2 that has actuation (e.g. LED lights up) or similar ? Thank you and I truly appreciate all the responses!

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Hi @huyanh1511


Thanks for reaching out! We don't have an example with actuation. However, this should not be hard to implement. The OpenVINO Toolkit can be installed on the Raspberry Pi 3, take a look at the instructions.


At the end of the instructions, there is a sample python script for face detection with OpenCV and the pre-trained face detection model. There are other pre-trained models included with the OpenVINO toolkit that can be used with your project.


Hope this helps!