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Memory and Sensitive Information


Hello All,

I've got an application where I would potentially be processing sensitive data on an NCS2. Suppose that, worst case scenario, someone steals it out of my computer. Am I right in thinking that the model would remain loaded in memory, but the data is just passed through and would at least mostly not be able to be pulled off the USB stick?

Is there any way that the model itself might be protected? Does the model get loaded and erased every time the stick is used, or once it is loaded does it stay in the memory until overwritten or erased? Maybe erasing the model could be part of normal ejection procedure to at least protect it when the stick is being stored between uses?


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Hi Liam,


Thanks for reaching out. The OpenVINO™ toolkit will load the model to the Intel® Neural Compute Stick 2 for inference. If the device is unplugged, everything on the device is lost. There is a way to encrypt the model if needed, take a look at Using Encrypted Models with OpenVINO documentation.  



Javier A.

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