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Myriad X turn to Myriad 2 after init



I build my project with openvino_2019.1.144 and EDL-mPCIe-MA2485 lastet year. It run good, but I want to use some new thing in openvino_2020.2.120, so I update system to openvino_2020.2.120 and install hddl driver.

It seem good when reboot the system. lsusb get the output like this:

$ lsusb
Bus 003 Device 003: ID 03e7:2485
Bus 003 Device 002: ID 03e7:2485

But when i change my project to the new api, and run it, i got something like this: 

[19:45:38.8013][2119]I[AutoBoot.cpp:197] Start boot device 3.1-ma2480
[19:45:39.1880][2119]I[AutoBoot.cpp:199] Device 3.1-ma2480 boot success, firmware=/opt/intel/openvino_2020.2.120/deployment_tools/inference_engine/external/hddl/lib/mvnc/usb-ma2x8x.mvcmd
[19:45:39.1883][2119]I[AutoBoot.cpp:197] Start boot device 3.2-ma2480
[19:45:39.4228][2119]I[AutoBoot.cpp:199] Device 3.2-ma2480 boot success, firmware=/opt/intel/openvino_2020.2.120/deployment_tools/inference_engine/external/hddl/lib/mvnc/usb-ma2x8x.mvcmd
[19:45:59.4267][2109]I[AutobootStarter.cpp:85] Info: Autoboot is running.
[19:45:59.5866][2109]W[ConfigParser.cpp:269] Warning: Cannot find key, path=scheduler_config.max_graph_per_device subclass=0, use default value: 1.
[19:45:59.5867][2109]W[ConfigParser.cpp:292] Warning: Cannot find key, path=scheduler_config.use_sgad_by_default subclass=0, use default value: false.
[19:45:59.5878][2109]I[DeviceSchedulerFactory.cpp:56] Info: ## DeviceSchedulerFacotry ## Created Squeeze Device-Scheduler2.
[19:45:59.5884][2109]I[DeviceManager.cpp:551] ## SqueezeScheduler created ##
[19:45:59.5884][2109]I[DeviceManager.cpp:649] times 0: try to create worker on device(4.2)
[19:46:01.5937][2109]I[DeviceManager.cpp:670] [SUCCESS] times 0: create worker on device(4.2)
[19:46:01.5939][2109]I[DeviceManager.cpp:719] worker(Wt4.2) created on device(4.2), type(0)
[19:46:01.5939][2109]I[DeviceManager.cpp:649] times 0: try to create worker on device(4.1)
[19:46:03.5977][2109]I[DeviceManager.cpp:670] [SUCCESS] times 0: create worker on device(4.1)
[19:46:03.5978][2109]I[DeviceManager.cpp:719] worker(Wt4.1) created on device(4.1), type(0)
[19:46:03.5979][2109]I[DeviceManager.cpp:145] DEVICE FOUND : 2
[19:46:03.5979][2109]I[DeviceManager.cpp:146] DEVICE OPENED : 2
[19:46:03.5980][2109]I[DeviceManagerCreator.cpp:81] New device manager(DeviceManager0) created with subclass(0), deviceCount(2)
[19:46:03.5988][2109]I[TaskSchedulerFactory.cpp:45] Info: ## TaskSchedulerFactory ## Created Polling Task-Scheduler.
[19:46:03.5995][2109]I[FileHelper.cpp:272] Set file:/var/tmp/hddl_snapshot.sock owner: user-'no_change', group-'users', mode-'0660'
[19:46:03.7440][2109]I[FileHelper.cpp:272] Set file:/var/tmp/hddl_service.sock owner: user-'no_change', group-'users', mode-'0660'
[19:46:03.7441][2109]I[MessageDispatcher.cpp:87] Message Dispatcher initialization finished
[19:46:03.7442][2109]I[main.cpp:103] SERVICE IS READY ...
[19:46:03.7585][2178]I[ClientManager.cpp:159] client(id:1) registered: clientName=HDDLPlugin socket=2
[19:46:04.7791][2179]I[GraphManager.cpp:491] Load graph success, graphId=1 graphName=person_model

and it seem it turn into Myriad 2 VPU from Myriad X VPU , which lsusb's output like this:

$ lsusb
Bus 004 Device 003: ID 03e7:f63b
Bus 004 Device 002: ID 03e7:f63b

I test the speed in this mode with my app , it seem that it work like only one Myriad X , which :

one Myriad X :  19fps

one Myriad 2 :    8fps

EDL-mPCIe-MA2485 after update : 22fps

EDL-mPCIe-MA2485 before update : >25fps ? I am sorry I forgot it 


It seem that the message "Warning: Cannot find key, path=scheduler_config.use_sgad_by_default subclass=0, use default value: false." is the key , but I have no idea how to fix it.

Thank you very much! 

My os:

Linux me-UP-APL01 4.15.0-37-generic #40~upboard05-Ubuntu SMP Tue Nov 26 15:30:34 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

This is the hardware i use:



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Hello liu, liu

Warning messages you see are permissible when you utilize HDDL plugin.
And when you use HDDL device (mPCIe form-factor in you case), this is not really correct to still check its status from USB bus with "lsusb" command.

Please try the latest available OpenVINO toolkit 2020.3 build from

And make sure you follow additional steps to correctly configure your HDDL device (EDL-mPCIe-MA2485) from

Once done, please test some demos in /opt/intel/openvino/deployment_tools/demo directory with

./ -d HDDL

./ -d HDDL

so then you can proceed with running your application with -d HDDL parameter as well.

Hope this helps.
Best regards, Max.

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