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NCS2 on Ubuntu-VirtualBox

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I have Ubuntu 18  installed on VirtualBox with a connected NCS2 device. While I could run NCS2's demo on get-started page successfully, when I go to run another intel's NCS2 demo, which is in python on this page, I get below error:


[ INFO ] Preparing input blobs
[ WARNING ] Image Felis_catus-cat_on_snow.jpg is resized from (2000, 3000) to (224, 224)
[ INFO ] Batch size is 1
[ INFO ] Loading model to the plugin
E: [xLink] [     90989] dispatcherEventSend:908    Write failed event -1

E: [xLink] [    103282] dispatcherEventReceive:308    dispatcherEventReceive() Read failed -1 | event 0x7f389b133e80

E: [xLink] [    103282] eventReader:256    eventReader stopped
E: [ncAPI] [    103282] ncGraphAllocate:1409    Can't read input tensor descriptors of the graph, rc: X_LINK_ERROR


Do you have any idea what is wrong?


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