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OpenVINO crash if mklDNNPlugin.dll is used


i am integrating CPU inference into an existing c++ project (VC2015 on windows 10 x64  and gcc 7.4.0 on linux)

Release version on windows crashes in the very first call to Core (before any data loading):

Core ie;
auto dl = ie.GetDevicesList(); //  Exception thrown at 0x00007FF81FC9A839 in OXTester.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: Xbyak::Error at memory location 0x0000004E5B4FC290.

if i remove mklDNNPlugin.dll and keep clDNNPlugin.dll only. everything works. inference (on GPU) works without any issue.

intel samples release/debug work. debug version of my app works. release linux version works as well. 

Any suggestions/ideas are welcome. 




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