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OpenVINO™ toolkit 2019 R2 is now available for download


Greetings All,

Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit 2019 R2 is available for download!

Executive summary:

  • Added Deep Learning Workbench Profiler for neural network topologies and layers. DL Workbench provides the following features: 
    • Visualization of key metrics such as latency, throughput and performance counters
    • Easy configuration for inference experiments including INT8 calibration 
    • Accuracy check and automatic detection of optimal performance settings
  • Added new non-vision topologies: GNMT, BERT, TDNN-LSTM (NNet3), ESPNet, etc. to enable machine translation, natural language processing & speech use cases
  • Introduced new Inference Engine Core APIs. The Core API automate direct mapping to devices, & provide Query API for configuration & metrics to determine best deployment platform
  • Added Multi Device Inference with automatic load-balancing across available devices for higher throughput
  • Serialized FP16 Intermediate Representation to work uniformly across all platforms to reduce model size by 2x compared to FP32 & improve utilization of device memory & portability of models
  • Enabled OpenCL custom layer support for Intel® Neural Compute Stick 2 in preview mode
  • Enabled new binary distribution via YUM* & APT*, Docker Hub*
  • Added support for Windows* Server 2016

Please, read more details in the Release Notes:


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