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Openvino Optimizer Error FAQ question38


I downloaded the most popular Maskrcnn model on GitHub and succssfully trained it

But when I try to use openvino model_optimizer to optimize it, I encountered a lot of problems, did not solve.

Below is my optimization process: model and change from h5 to pb

The model( based on Keras.

The Keras model weight means weight.H5 file. But openvino toolkit says intel open tf optimizer needs .pb or ckpt.

So i I extracted the keras model and change it to tf.pb.

Used this tool (

2.Model Optimizer to .xml and .bin

 I have successfully run the intel official demo,a SSD+mobilenet from tensorflow zoo and a Yolov3,so i can Eliminate environmental issues.

So the first time I try only  .pb without any other parameters.

Error for shapes

Solve it:

>python --input_model maskrcnn20190505.pb   --input_shape (1,384,384,3)

Different error:

So i print all input nodes of the source code

Correct my code:

>python --input_model maskrcnn20190505.pb --input input_anchors,input_image,input_image_meta --input_shape (1,36828,4),(1,384,384,3),(1,17)

So the headache of the error appeared.

The question #38

I didn't get any tips from question 38,and have no way to sovle it.

Excuse me Is it wrong with my steps in the process, or missing some necessary operations? Or the optimizer does not support the keras model only supports TensorFlow zoo?

Or other ways to achieve my task.

Humbly ask for help


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