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Performance of Myriad X

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I have followed this guide to install OpenVINO on Raspberry Pi 3.


When I ran the sample object_detection_sample_ssd with model face-detection-adas-0001, I found that the performance of Myriad X is just about 7 FPS.


I also tried to run the same sample by using Myriad 2, and the performance is about 6 FPS.


Then I tried to run the sample benchmark_app with model face-detection-adas-0001, and the performance of Myriad X is about 9 FPS.


I though the performance of Myriad X should be much better than Myriad 2.


Did I do something wrong?
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Hi @EdwardLee


Thank you for reaching out. That performance is expected. Here is a discussion thread on the Computer Vision forums that might be useful to you with more compared inference times.


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