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Problem Running C++ code on Raspberry pi

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Hi everyone,


I have been developing an application on Ubuntu 16.04, I use as a base the SqueezeNet cpp example on the ncsdk. (for the API calls)


when I compile on my laptop, it runs smoothly, no errors most of the times. The problem comes when i want to build the same example on the Pi.


I compile using:


g++ -std=c++11 app.cpp fp16.c -o app pkg-config --cflags --libs opencv -lmvnc


The problem is that i can't load the tensor


retCode = mvncLoadTensor(graphHandle, frame2, lenBufFp16, NULL);


if (retCode != MVNC_OK) //this gets me a -2


{ // error loading tensor


cout << "[ERROR]:Could not load tensor\n" << endl;




any advices??


I thought the graph was the problem but i could allocate it. I even run the same code in Python and it works, my question is why can I load the tensor on the Pi.

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@longino Can you provide your app code (github) so we can look at it? It could be related to a image preprocessing issue or a fp32/fp16 conversion issue.