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SDK installation problems on Ubuntu 16.04 with ROS Lunar Loggerhead


Hello Community! Just today I got my hands on a beautifully blue Movidius Neural Compute Stick.


In the back of it there is a link pointing to I typed it into my trusty Firefox and it loaded, showing me simple instructions, which I followed.


Instructions were


1.1 - get Ubuntu 16.04


1.2 - have a NCS


1.3 - internet connection


Okay so far. Then


2.1 - open terminal


2.2 -


mkdir -p ~/workspace


cd ~/workspace


git clone


cd ~/workspace/ncsdk


make install


2.3 - have an espresso


2.4 - check "Setup is complete."


Now it gets interesting


3.1 - plug the NCS


3.2 -


cd ~/workspace/ncsdk


make examples <-- errors during this


Just to make sure, I ran _make examples_ a number of times. Caffe/AlexNet would invariably fail (the other ImageNets too).


The attached .txt files are the terminal outputs for each step. install.txt is the installation log from the second installation. make_1.txt, make_2.txt, make_3.txt and make_5.txt are outputs with the NCS plugged in and make_4.txt is without the NCS plugged in (a bit useless but who knows)


I have ROS Lunar Loggerhead installed and sourced and I know it installs its own OpenCV package. AlexNet uses OpenCV and the Movidius installation had another OpenCV installation. Could this be the problem? How do I diagnose this? The logs didn't say a thing about missing libraries or includes not found. The only hits for "warning" were


/usr/local/bin/ncsdk/Controllers/ UserWarning: You are using a large type. Consider reducing your data sizes for best performance


What should I do?

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My initial suspicions were right. Doing sudo apt purge ros-* and sudo apt autoremove were enough to make the SDK examples work. Too bad I don't have ROS anymore. Maybe installing it on a virtual environment solves the OpenCV conflict? I'll try this later.


I definitely said that too early. Caffe still has some problems. Reinstall log is here.


@jontzbaker Hi, can you try using NCSDK 2 and see if it works for you? NCSDK2 is on the ncsdk2 branch of the ncsdk github repo. You can clone the repo by using the command: git clone -b ncsdk2