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Status.ERROR happened after 16 hours when running stress test


I am using NCS on Raspberry Pi and run live-object-detector in ncappzoo as stress test.


I had connected NCS with a powered USB 3.0 hub to Pi, and the NCSDK version is NCSDK-


After about 16 hours since starting live-object0detector, I got the Status.ERROR with the following log.


Traceback (most recent call last):


File "", line 210, in




File "", line 149, in main


infer_image( graph, img, frame )


File "", line 86, in infer_image


output, userobj = graph.GetResult()


File "../../ncapi2_shim/", line 156, in GetResult


output, userobj = self._api2_fifo_out.read_elem()


File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/mvnc/", line 412, in read_elem


raise Exception(Status(status))


Exception: Status.ERROR


At the same time, I find that kernel log show that the NCS USB is disconnected and re-connected.


I think USB disconnection is the cause of Status.ERROR.


The NCS is connected to a powered USB 3.0 hub, and there is also a cooling fan.


Is there any other reason that may cause USB disconnection?


Or can we get some log or diag code from NCS?
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