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Support for CentOS and other questions

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Hi, I have a few questions regarding Intel® INDE OpenCV. I apologize if some are already covered in the documents, which I have yet to read.

Anyway, here are my questions:

1. I don't see x86/x64 support for Linux listed. Does Intel® INDE OpenCV support Linux, or will it and when? My current project involves CentOS, so I am especially interested to know about that flavor.
2. It is said to be compatible with OpenCV 3.0 beta. Does that mean it provides all functionalities of OpenCV 3.0 beta? If I have some applications based on OpenCV, can I just replace OpenCV with Intel® INDE OpenCV as a whole, without worrying which functions are supported and which are not?
3. I assume that some INDE OpenCV functions run on GPU and some others on CPU. Is that right? If so, do I need to worry about copying memory contents around? Or is INDE OpenCV mostly memory transparent?



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1. Intel® INDE OpenCV does not support Linux now but will in the very near future.

2. Yes

3. Should be transparent.

Sorry for the very late  reply

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