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Toolkit Error: Stage Details Not Supported: Minimum




I have trained a MobileNet model in keras which gives expected results(.h5 file). I got to know that to convert the model to graph, NCSDK supports either meta or pb file. So, I have converted .h5 file to pb file. After conversion I get results as expected. Now to deploy to Raspberry Pi board, I tried to convert the pb file into graph. At this point I get Toolkit Error: Stage Details Not Supported: Minimum


So can anyone help me to over come this error.


I am using ncsdk kit V1, tensorflow-1.6.0.

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Hi @shashank


I apologize for getting back to you a little late. What was the mvnc command that you used? Can you also please post the whole error message so that I can take a better look at this? But it looks like the tf.minimum operation is not supported by your version of the NCSDK. I would recommend upgrading to the latest NCSDK here and then run the mvncCheck command to see if you're still getting the same error.


Also, for your reference, here is a very helpful blog written by an NCS user about running a Keras model on the NCS!


Best Regards,


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