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Training GoogleNet to recognize Vehicle Types

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I'm following @AshwinVijayakumar instructions ( about training a NN. I do the following.



  • Split training/validation images (Kaggle, Stanford Cars which identifies car models)

  • Put the images in an LMDB file, scale them to 224x224

  • Make some minor changes to the GoogleNet training prototxt file (drop number of classes down from 1000 to 196)

  • Start training. I'm not using transfer learning, although if I did, I see the same results below.


I didn't change the image mean since the calculated mean is about the same as the default. What I see is that the loss3 quickly hits ~5 and says there forever. This can't possibly be right. I'm training on an EC2 instance w/ a GPU but there's 6k images in the set.


I0926 17:54:09.614917 110 solver.cpp:237] Train net output #0: loss1/loss1 = 5.30372 (* 0.3 = 1.59112 loss)


I0926 17:54:09.614935 110 solver.cpp:237] Train net output #1: loss2/loss2 = 5.24625 (* 0.3 = 1.57387 loss)


I0926 17:54:09.614946 110 solver.cpp:237] Train net output #2: loss3/loss3 = 5.26799 (* 1 = 5.26799 loss)


I've been stuck on this for a couple of days now and I'm tearing out my hair. Any help, suggestions, or speculations are deeply appreciated.



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