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Understanding the NCS2 processing time


I found two unusual processing time on my NCS2 application.

First, the processing time per image grow over time from starting of 30 ms to about 50 ms over the period of 30 to 60 min.

Second, in the frequency of around 28 frame, there will be one to three  frames  with large processing time at 300 ms.

Is this typical for NCS2 ?

Is there area I should check to ensure the software is done correctly?

The environment  are: OpenVino 2019 R1, windows 10, ssd_mobilenet_v2_coco_2018_03_29,300x300, NCS2, Intel I7 computer.

The application is in c#. Use a thread to call an openVino c++ library that is modify from sample object_detection_demo_ssd_async.

Each call to the library will pass an image.

The processing time is measured from before the call to after the call.

Any thoughts on the issue would be greatly appreciated.



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The original NCS SDK had some temperature measuring function calls, but these seem to be missing from OpenVINO. 

The NCS slows down if it overheats. 

Does the stick seem hotter when it slows down than it was at the start?  But this can be a tough call as its the chip temperature not the case temperature that really matters, which is why the loss of the temperature measurement functions seems a pretty big deal.

My empirical test for such issues is to put a fan to blow on the stick and if the the slowdown goes away, or takes significantly longer to happen, that pretty much identifies the issue,  if nothing changes its not likely to be a temperature issue.




Thanks for the suggestion.

The room temperature is about 60 F. The surface of the NCS2 is 72 F.

I did as suggested to put a fan on NCS2 to cool it down. However, the speed remain slow.

The NCS2 is connected directly to USB 3 port. I assume that power from USB 3 port to NCS2 is not an issue.

I tried multiple NCS2 and computers. The problem persist. It may happy in hours instead of in minutes.     

Any other possibilities?