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i7 9700K CPU/GPU


About a month ago, in my company and my suggestion we bought the latest version of intel i7 9700K CPU, to test the speed capabilities of OpenVINO process.
Unfortunately, it never occurred to me that the GPU would not work.

Contact the forum to see to solve the problem and basically I was told to wait for the next version since the 9th generation CPU / GPU was not supported in version 5.1 of OpenVINO.

To my surprise, the 9th generation GPU / CPU is not supported, in version 2019.1 of OpenVINO.

Someone could help me find a solution, it is very necessary to test and know the capabilities of OpenVINO on the CPU / GPU of 9th generation.

Or maybe I should recommend that we go down to the 8th generation CPU / GPU.

Or at least a fairly understandable guide on how to implement that solution myself.
At the moment my work environment is windows 10 with visual studio 2019.



Hace aproximadamente un mes, en mi empresa y a mi sugerencia compramos la ultima version de cpu intel i7 9700K, para testear las capacidades de velocidad de proceso de OpenVINO.
Lamentablemente nunca se me ocurrio que no funcionara la GPU.

Contacte con el foro para ver de resolver el problema y basicamente me dijeron que esperara a la proxima version ya que la 9na generacion de CPU/GPU no estaba soportada en la version 5.1 de OpenVINO.

Para mi sorpresa tampoco esta soportada la 9na generacion de GPU/CPU, en la version 2019.1 de OpenVINO.

Alguien podria ayudarme a encontrar una solucion, nos es muy necesario probar y saber las capacidades de OpenVINO sobre las CPU/GPU de 9na generacion.

O tal vez deba recomendar que bajemos a la 8va generacion de CPU/GPU.

O almenos una guia medianamente comprensible de como implementar yo mismo esa solucion.
De momento mi entorno de trabajo es windows 10 con visual studio 2019.

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Dear JOCh:

I think you'll find this dldt github post informative:



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Hello JOCh,

 Is this your CPU  ?

In this case your UHD630 with device ID 0x3E98 GPU should work fine.

Probably similar issue to


where clDNN does not have the device id.

You could build clDNN from source, after adding your device ID, and replace the one in OpenVino and then should work fine. Search this forum for instruction on Windows or ask here in case of issues.




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