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Embree related to PARSEC's RTTL?


I'm aware this is probably not the best place to ask this, but I could not find any way to contact developers that may be related to my question (Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: )

I found out that the Raytrace app that is included with PARSEC benchmark suite ( , most codes comes from Intel) is actually implemented with SSE, and after some minor changes I managed to make it work. However, an AVX implementation of the code will require some more time and effort. Since the RTTL version that comes with PARSEC is relatively old I was looking for newer versions just so that we avoid to duplicate work, during that process I found out about Embree.

My question is; is Embree an evolution of that Raytrace-RTTL application?, Since Embree is already AVX-enabled, would it be ok to discuss a possible replacement of RTTL by Embree with researchers from Princeton?

Thank you in advance.

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RTTL was developed by the same authors that did embree (plus some others), and in that sense could be seen as an ancient ancestor of Embree's. That said, it was developed with very different goals, with a very different software architecture, and for very different hardware; and updating this ancient code to modern architectures would, as you correctly say "require quite some time and effort". Though this decision would of course be up to the authors of that PARSEC benchmark, having them replace it with Embree to me seems like a more useful approach.

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