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Enpirion EN6360QA Power Failure at @65 °C Temperature


I'm using Enpirion EN6360QA 8A DC/DC Converter in one of the project.
Our design requirement is to step down input 5V to 1V @8A,please refer the attached snapshot of schematics .We were getting power failure in high ambient temperature(+65 Degree c). I have captured the test observation with CRO waveform .
Could you please check on the same and provide your support for further debugging.

Test observation

Case 1 Working condition: At ambient temperature (@29 Degree Celsius room temp) converter is working fine without any power failure. Output Waveform capture using CRO shown below.



Case 2 Power Failure :When we subject the board into thermal chamber @ 65 degree Celsius, almost completing 1 hour output voltage was start dropping from 0.993V (actual output voltage measured in multi-meter) to below .400V at this moment POK signal was de-asserted, after 2-3 minutes there was a gradual increase of output voltage from 0.400V to programmed voltage 0.993V,this power failure issue was repeatedly facing @65 degree Celsius. This issue not at all coming when we decrease the thermal chamber temperature to 60 Degree. In a single testing slot we kept 2 boards and tested simultaneously, the observation was same for two boards. Please see the attached waveform of failure case.


Kindly requesting to provide a right solution earlier as possible.

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