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Does the ER3105DI have any information about dropout voltage?


I have a circuit that steps down an input voltage to +3.73V using an Enpirion ER3105DI. Depending on the power supply being utilized, either +24V or +5V can be used as the input voltage.


Depending on the situation, it is possible for the power supply to fall as low as +4.5V, or less than 1V above the desired output voltage. I would like to put a number on how this situation might affect the regulator's ability to perform.


Unfortunately, despite searching through the datasheet, I couldn't find anything about this chip's dropout voltage or how well it performs when Vin is close to Vout.


What is this device's dropout voltage? Exist any publications that cover best practices or this range of buck converters for input voltage to output voltage for pc?




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