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EN6347QI Product Discontinuance PDN2133


Dear Support,

For our project, we use a lot of EN6347QI (Step-Down DC-DC Switching Converter with Integrated Inductor) power solutions. 

A long time ago, I saw that EN6347QI was considered obsolete or not recommended for new designs on the Mouser distributor's website. Now that information has been removed and a new batch will be available on May 30, 2023 (32250 pcs)


I'm a little confused with what is stated in PDN2133, which says "Intel is discontinuing Enpirion Power Solutions".

My questions are as follows:
- Is production still underway for this component?
- Have there been any changes in the manufacturing process or technology from the previous version?
- What is the manufacturing process used for this component? CMOS 0.25 um process technology?
- Please confirm that EN6347QI Power solution is not to be considered for new product development?
- If production and product will be obsolete, do you have any replacement recommendations for Intel Enpirion EN6347QI? (using same manufacturing process, same die, same characteristics...)  
Best Regards,
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