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16.1 Could not acquire a valid license for Intel FPGA SDK for OpenCL


Hello everyone, I encountered a problem installing the Opencl FPGA SDK. I downloaded the 16.1 version and downloaded the corresponding 16.1BSP. After installing QUARTUS, I used a newly registered license and software identification was available. After that I tested the "aocl diagnose" command without any problem. But when I tested the compilation instructions and compiled the vector_add project, the problem appeared. The problem says I don't have a valid license for opencl fpga sdk, but I do. My operating system is centos7(BSP recommanded) and my board is DE5A-NET-E1. Do I still need a license? I've been stuck here for a long time, please ask for advice. Thank you

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Welcome to INTEL forum. Regrettably, you will need IP license in Opencl BSP usage. Apologize for the inconvenience happen. Please find the contact for our sales and distributor from link below: