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Hi I can not integrate Intel parallel studio XE 2019 with Visual studio community 2019 (Visual C++ 2019- 00435-60000-0000-AA253). Intel visual Fortran is not on the list of visual compiler and tools

I installed Visual studio community 2019, then restarted my Pc with windows 10, and installed Intel parallel studio XE 2019 (update 5) after. I then restarted my PC to start Visual studio and intel visual fortran is found not to be on the list of Intel compilers and tools.

Also it was found the folder: "C:\ProgramFiles(x86)%\Common Files\intel\shared files\VS Integration\VS16\Intel Fortran\VFPackages" doesn't exist.


Please tell me how to fix this issue

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Dear forum user, you have come to Intel FPGA forum site, we have expertise to answer your question related to FPGA technology and usage. Unfortunately we do not understand the nature of your question above, could you kindly help to elaborate if your question is FPGA related? If not, please post your question to the right forum site so the appropriate expert could provide you with more helpful guidance. I will hereby put your case to close-pending. Thank you.