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How can I convert one of my floating licenses into a node-locked license?


I want to re-host one of my floating licenses to an off-network machine. Once the project is done I will want to bring it back into our floating pool of licenses. Is it possible to do this via the licensing portal? Are there any other considerations that I need to be aware of?

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Hello Welcome to INTEL forum. Based on my understanding on your note, my guess is you have a floating license on your desktop machine and would like to generate a temporary license to your laptop (and the laptop is not connected to the network). Yes, it is possible to generate another or second license and this is called a checkout license. A checkout license enables portability for users with only floating seat licenses. The license administrator can issue fixed license allowing one of the users to have access to the same product licenses from the network. Please note that a checkout license is only temporary for 2-weeks period of time. Refer to link on how to generate temporary license in Self-Service Licensing Center. --> Licensing Center Home
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