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How do I get a license file for the USB dongle so I can modify some fpga code I did. I still have dongle

dongle: T000098846

When I register on legacy license website I get email that says there is a problem and to contact customer service. I get nothing but going around in circles trying to find a way to contact customer service. I tried calling and got transferred at least 4 or 5 times untill finally it just hung up on me. Very frustrating. Its been registered to me since day one, but I had to create a new account after the intel switchover and dont have access to my old info.

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It's not clear what you want/need here. Do you need a license for the Quartus software? What version? What device are you trying to access? When you say USB dongle, are you referring to the USB Blaster cable or something else? USB Blaster itself does not require a license, but the Quartus Prime software may depending on the answers to these questions.




Ok thanks for your response. Yes I need license for Quartus Ver 9.1 is what I used on this project I think but maybe renewed I forget. USB Dongle - Sentinel Superpro ID T000098846 This was a standalone installation. There was licensed NIOS II also. Im pretty sure a license file went along with the USB Dongle. The Dongle is reading correctly in quartus license manager. Please look up my software gaurd ID and retrieve the info and add it to my account. Or if my old account can be used again let me know. I tried what I thought would be my username/passwords without any luck. thx

Hello May I know, have you re-generate your license file? You can regenerate your license file in Self Service Licensing Center to renew your license. Only the license administrator can re-generate the license file. Guidance: --> Licensing Center Home --> Computer and License Files --> Select a computer to generate a new license file. Link to demo: