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Invalid license for ModelSim?

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I purchased an Arria10GX dev kit and downloaded Quartus Prime Pro (19.3). I have a license file Intel sent via email. I can run QP and aocl. I just downloaded ModelSim (19.3) but I get an error at runtime:

$ ./vsim Unable to checkout a license. Make sure your license file environment variable (e.g., LM_LICENSE_FILE) is set correctly and then run 'lmutil lmdiag' to diagnose the problem. Unable to checkout a license. Vsim is closing. ** Fatal: Invalid license environment. Application closing.   $ ls $LM_LICENSE_FILE /home/okramer/intelFPGA_pro/1-RIWRVV_License.dat

 Here are some relevant excerpts from that license file. I don't see any mention of modelsim. How do I get that?

... # Product License Summary: # Quartus Pro Edition for Development Kits, 1 Seat(s) # - Maintenance Expiration of 2020.11 # - License Expires 29-Feb-2020 ... FEATURE quartus_nonvolatile_encryption ... FEATURE maxplus2 ... FEATURE quartus_pro ... FEATURE quartus ...


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Welcome to INTEL forum. Based on my understanding Model Sim is not included in dev.kit bundle. Kindly contact your nearest Altera sales person or distributor to purchase a valid license file.

To order by phone:

In the United States and Canada, call Telesales at 1-888-800-0631.

Outside the United States or Canada, contact your local sales representative or distributor.     

Buy online.

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