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Licence manager of Quartus - request for information


Dear Intel Support Community,

Our licence manager of Quartus version 18.1 is currently hosted on a resilient licence platform running Windows Server 2012. We are looking to upgrade it to an Azure-Hosted (internally managed) server 2019 resilient platform. This would change the server's IP addresses and MAC addresses (currently,, and 00-50-56-b9-69-e7, 00-50-56-b9-73-3e, 00-50-56-b9-3a-d1). Can you please confirm the following:

1. Will the old license still be valid or do we need a new one?
2. If a new license is required then what information do you require from us and how quickly will this be made available to us?
3. Is the old license manager still compatible with an Azure-hosted Server 2019?
4. If a new license manager is required, then where is the download location?
5. Do you have any documentation or best practice recommendations that we should be aware of?
6. What server ports does this application require (to ensure there is no conflict) so that firewall ports can be opened?
7. To reduce any downtime for the users, can you offer us a temp license so we can run two systems in parallel and turn off the old one as soon as the migration is complete?
8. If our current license is USB dependent then is there an option for a soft lock license manager?

Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Calum Lockley
Assistant Support Analyst
Technology & Information Services
University of Plymouth

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