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License of „Quartus Prime Programmer and Tools“ as part of a product


What are the license requirements for “Quartus Prime Programmer and Tools”? Is it free to use or do we need an extra license to preinstall it on a productsy?


We want to install “Quartus Prime Programmer and Tools” on an embedded HW/SW system for updating an Intel Arria 10 SoC in the field via JTAG. Usage conditions:

  • Installed package:
  • Intel download link:  -->  “Quartus Prime Programmer and Tools”
  • Installed on: X86 PC with Intel Xeon CPU and Debian Linux OS
  • Usage: Programming an Intel Arria 10 SoC via USB-JTAG. The Arria 10 SoC is also part of the product.
  • Used JTAG Programmer: Embedded JTAG USB blaster based on MAX 5 and FTDI integrated into the Arria 10 board.
  • The embedded JTAG USB blaster was licensed from Intel by the Arria 10 board manufacturer.
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