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Porting QSYS Project with a modified UART Core to be able to compile on a licensed server


I am using the DE10-LITE FPGA to send a video stream from a camera to an ESP32 over UART for a university project. The maximum selectable baud rate of 115200bps on the AVALON UART IP CORE was severely limiting the FPS of my video feed so I went into the .tcl for the UART core and added a maximum selectable UART of baud 250000 bps which worked really well. The issue is that I need my final project to generate a .pof however my project uses "Frame Buffer" IP core which I only have an OpenCore Plus license for so I cannot compile a .pof with it in my project. I have access to a university computer which has the necessary licenses to compile a .pof but I cannot use my modified UART on there because I do not have permission to modify files in the Quartus root directory. The Quartus project we were given to build on top of generates from the .QSYS every time I compile so I cannot create the modified UART QSYS on my laptop and then move it to the licensed computer to compile because I get above maximum allowed baud rate errors on there when QSYS tries to regenerate the UART during compilation. Is there any way I could build the .QSYS once on my laptop and then only compile a .pof on the university computer without regenerating the QSYS system. Alternatively, could I get some sort of two to one USB type B adapter to blast the board with my working .sof and then take out the laptop usb while still maintaining power to the FPGA (my board has to be connected to a power supply on a rover which has a USB type B output going into the FPGA for the final project hence the need for .pof)


Appreciate any and all help,

Many thanks

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