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Audio & Video Config - Error in Nios2 IDE

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I'm working with Altera's DE2 Board. I already used the VGA Core, the Pixel Buffer and the SRAM and they worked fine. 

Then I tried to add a video input with the ADV7181 Video Decoder. And now I have a Proplem with the Audio & Video Configuration Core. 


There's no Problem in the SOPC Builder. I can add the Audio & Video Configuration Core and successfully generate the NIOS2 System.  

But when I try to compile/build the System Library in the NIOS II IDE I get the following error: 


system_description/alt_sys_init.c error: `video_config_auto_cfg_type' undeclared here (not in a function) 


I named the system module "VIDEO_CONFIG_AUTO", and it's simply the DE2 University Program Audio & Video Configuration Core in Auto-Initializing-Mode. 


I really hope you can help me or give me a hint who could help me, because I really despair of that problem. 


thanks for your time, 

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im have the same problam. 

did you alredy know the answare?
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hi guys... 


i used to have the same problem, and it was in the alt_sys_init.c too. i used nios II ide 9.0 and quartus 9.0, but at that time i used the audio and video config core version 8.0 and i used the library for version 7.2 or below i dont quite remember. complex, isn't it?? ha9 ^^ 


and then the error showed up, and i replaced the audio and video config with the classic version (7.2 or below) and the error didnt show up anymore 


i hope it can be a help