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Avalon component for for writing/reading to DE2-115 eeprom

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I am trying to create an Avalon component that reads/writes to the eeprom on the de2-115.  


I'm using eeprom to store enable signals, ADC sample rate, number of samples etc. When a write is performed i need to write a 8 bit word to the eeprom location and immediately read it back to update a register. The slave write address is also used to select a signal on a mux. For example eeprom location X"0000" are the enables for ADC's so when a write is permed to adress X"0000" a read will be perform straight afterwards and the data sent to the relevant output of the mux to update the ADC enable register. 


i would also like to try and do a straight read from the eeprom and the data outputted through the mux to the relevant signals. 


the i2c_eeprom_master.vhd file attached works fine when i connect the slave address to the boards toggle switch and i can manually read/write to the eeprom . however i have created a FSM to try and control it but as i am working in 2 clock domains.( system clk 50 MHz, I2c 400 KHz) things are getting the better of me and the wrong data is being read back, plus i have some strange transitions?  



any advice would be great.
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