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DC signal measurement

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What is a good AD/DA board that can be interfaced to a DE4 board and can be used for DC signals ? I've looked at the TerasIC daughter cards and they do not support DC signalling.
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What are your main requirements. 


It's pretty easy to design a board to attach to the DE4 that would give you what you need. 


Or you may be able to leverage some of the Adafruit boards our sparkfun boards, and hobble something together. They won't have the HSMC connector, but if you are looking for DC that's easy enough. 


The Terasic ADC/DACs are high speed, so they typically have DC blocking capacitors to remove the bias. 


If you need a board done.. Let me know and we'll setup a conference call. 


Linear Tech also has a HSMC "Gasket" board that will work with some of their ADC/DAC's. 


I am looking at one that we used for a proof of concept with the LTC2267. 


The Gasket board has a part number FT143A on it.  


The GASKET board was kind of a special thing.. So not everyone at linear may know about it. Our FAE found it for us. 


It's basically has an HSMC connector on one side, and the Linear dev board standard connector on the other side. 


Other ADC/DAC manufactures probably have something similar too. 


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Thanks for the suggestions. Our main AD/DA requirements are - sampling rate ~ 100MSPS, >8bit precision. We require a high speed AD/DA even though we are measuring DC signals since it is a time and noise sensitive process. I searched Linear Tech website, but every board they had at that sampling rate was AC coupled. We came across this one board that we could use - . We were unable to find any other board that satisfied our requirements. Do you have any suggestions or know of any such board ?