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DE1_Media_Computer Download? (Audio Help)

Honored Contributor II


I was just wondering if anyone knew where i can find a download for "DE1_Media_Computer" sopc system build? 


Searching the forums I was only able to turn up people saying to download "Altera Monitor Program" which can be found at, ( but it seems they must have removed DE1 Media build from this version (version 4.1) and only left the DE2 Media build, which is a real bummer because I was hoping to be able to mess around with there audio samples that are included. 


The end goals is to find or make a working audio project for the DE1 board that uses the NIOS II processor so I can write a C program that will add an Echo to the play back. 


Anyone has any information or idea of where to download a copy of the Media build please let me know, it will be greatly appreciated. 


-Thanks Tom
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Honored Contributor II

Thank for the quick response, I'll let u know how it goes. Im going to start playing with the project right now and hopefully get my echo added.