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DE1-SOC revC: SDCard Interface for bare metal projects

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We have DE1-SOC board revC in the section. We did some simple bare metal projects and used peripherals like timers, g-senor, audio output, vga output and GPIO ports. And all we use Altera Monitor Program v15.1 with default System description (SOPInfo) file and FPGA programming (SOF) file. 


Now we need to extend our simple bare metal project with Micro SD Card readings that is available on the board. Usually other peripherals have a base address to configure them.  


What is the base address of SD Card Interface? I couldn't find any example or documentations about the interface, there is only a simple schematic that shows SD_CLK, CMD, DAT0..3 connections between HPS and Micro-SD Socket in 3.7.5 Micro SD Card Socket section of the DE1-SOC User Manual but I cannot say it was helpful for me. I'm stuck. Please tell me the way that I should follow step by step to access sd card interface in a bare metal c project (no nios, no linux)  


Any help highly appreciated, 

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Honored Contributor II

Why does DE1SoC_SystemBuilder program not have SD Card option?  


I don't know how to configure SOC to enable SD Card interface in order to use it with HPS. 

Can you simply send me a SOF and necessary other files which enable HPS, Video Output, Audio Output with their default properties in addition to SD Card interface? 


Thank you.