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DE1-SoC-UP: UVC Driver Re-Compilation or Install

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Hi all, 


Looking to add a simple varifocal lens usb camera to my design to test out some image processing functionalities on the board. But I've come to realize that the system image provided by the University site (DE1-SoC-UP) is a Linaro variant (3.18.0) and doesn't have the UVC or V4L2 driver's I need to actually integrate the camera into my system.  


I do know that UVC driver functionality can be added at kernel compilation time through menuconfig, but can't seem to find any source code for the UP image online. There's a lot of material the UP image has on it that I depend on, and I'd rather not have to recompile everything from a "from scratch" version of the source code for fear that I might miss or leave something out (relatively inexperienced at the moment in regards to custom linux compilations and u-boot creation for the DE1-SoC board Architecture). But in order to do anything with the webcamera's I have, I need those drivers. 


Does anyone know of either an easy way to install UVC drivers onto the Kernel that Altera has provided without recompilation, or if not, where I can find the source code and required information necessary to recompile without losing anything I already have on the system?  


Any help on this end would be very much appreciated.  




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Hi, i have same problem too. i found this respo solved my problem.

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