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DE2-70_TV Demonstration program

Honored Contributor II

I tried to load the DE2-70_TV project that is included with the CD onto the DE2-70 development board. 

I tried to load it directly onto the board without recompiling the project. It however doesn't seem to work. Then I tried compiling it with the Quartus II v11.1 Web Edition, but that also doesn't seem to work.  


Afterwards I tried it with different versions of Quartus, but all three versions (9.1, 10.0 and 10.1) also doesn't work. All I get is a black screen. 


I am using the Terasic DE2-70 Development board with an LCD-TV connected to the VGA-port of the board. As the video-in source, I am using a digital camera that sends out live videofeed. 


Does anybody else experience the same problem or has someone gotten the demo project to work?
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Honored Contributor II

You should consult the TerasIC manual that describes the demonstrations that go with the DE2-70 board. 

For the DE2-70_TV project you must use a NTSC composite video camera and connect a display via the VGA port.