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DE2-70 and TRDB-LTM

Honored Contributor II

Hi everyone, 


I'm currently working with the DE2-70 board with a Cyclone II and the TRDB-LTM from Terasic. I'm working from the EPhoto demo included with the touch screen and am trying to build a component that can be used in the SOPC builder but so far have been unsuccessful. I emailed Terasic about whether a component for this already exists and they said that it does not. 


As far as I can tell, I can't have bidirectional ports (such as GPIO) in a component. When building the component, it gives me a warning about my bidirectional ports having an unknown signal type called export. Is it correct that I can't use bidirectionals? If so, since all pins on the GPIO are being used for the data needed to display the image on the screen, how can I send data back from the touch screen for things such as interrupts when a touch sensitive area has been pressed? 



Thanks for the help. 

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