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error with Audio and Video config core

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hello everyone, 

I have the problem with "Audio and Video config" . It works fine when adding the core in sopc buider,and it works fine when compiling in quartus 9.0. However, when i builde in NIOS II, it shows that: 


make -s all includes  


Compiling alt_sys_init.c... 

system_description/alt_sys_init.c:88: warning: braces around scalar initializer 

system_description/alt_sys_init.c:88: warning: (near initialization for `audio_0.base') 

system_description/alt_sys_init.c:90: error: `AUDIO_CONFIG_CFG_TYPE' undeclared here (not in a  


system_description/alt_sys_init.c:90: error: initializer element is not constant 

system_description/alt_sys_init.c:90: error: (near initialization for `audio_config.type') 

make[1]: *** [obj/alt_sys_init.o] Error 1 

make: *** [system_project] Error 2 

Build completed in 23.375 seconds 


I use the quartus 9.0 and i have try the university ip core 9.0 and core 8.0/ alway gives the wrong.  

I am a student and english is not my first language,so please apology for my wrong.^_^ 

please help me, thank you very much!!
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If someone know this problem, please tell me how to solve it ? Any help would be appreciated so much!

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