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Problems with web-cam ISO traffic on DE2 board

Honored Contributor II

My project is to connect USB webcam (device) to Altera DE2 Board(host), and get isochronous video stream. 


I’m using DE2_NIOS_HOST_MOUSE_VGA demonstration as my start-point reference 


Thus far I’ve managed to get device and configuration descriptors from the webcam, complete probe-and-commit procedure and choose one of iso interface endpoints. As I understand, at this point webcam should start sending ISO data. 


My problem is that I don’t get any iso data from the webcam after completing these stages. 


As I see it, there may be 2 problems: 

1. Phillips USB controller is not configured in the right way to receive ISO data. 

2. I miss some critical stage. 


So the questions are: 

1. Is Phillips USB controller has to be configured in a special way to receive ISO traffic (except ISTL buffer size definition)? 

2. Are the stages I’ve done enough to trigger the webcam to send ISO packets? Do I miss any stage that is critical to get ISO stream? 

3. How to define ISO starting frame in the PTD?  




Thank you in advance  

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Honored Contributor II

plz i am trying to connect webcam to altera de2 board for getting image and processing it. can u guide me how to interface web cam to board.plz help me