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[DE2-Help] Putting WAVE files in SRAM or FLASH, then playing them through speakers?

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Hey Everyone, 


My second hot topic is how to playback say a WAVE file through the DE2 board. I know that this is demonstrated in some of the examples that came with the board but they are much more complicated then what I would like to do. I just need to play back 2/3 sound files at certain states, and I do not want to use NIOS (so no SD card driver etc.) The goal is a pure hardware implementation. If anyone could explain/show some simple sample code that would be awesome. 



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Seems that you have the same "questions"-"ideas" as me. 

You wont use the NIOS II to do the task, but I think wouldn't be a simple way to do it in pure hardware code. Instead maybe using NIOS would be more simple. 

In fact you need to save to SD card, "the sounds", and write a driver for the audio codec, and SD card. 

Also I would like too, to hear some "guru" opinion about this here.