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Dynamic Power of Multiplexer

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As you may know, dynamic power is caused by the switching activity in your design, and the switching activity pretty much depends on the operation/clock frequency. I try to measure dynamic power of a N:1 MUX in PowerPlay Analyzer , but MUX does have a clock frequency. So does anyone have a idea about how to meansure the dynamic power of mux in terms of clock frequency.  


Many thanks for your help.
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I don't quite follow you... 

static power is that of routing/logic module/io 

dynamic power is that of clocked logic and depends on clk frequency and toggle rate. 

If you don't have clock you don't have dynamic or else put a clock to register your logic. 


toggle rate is meant to be 100/% for any signal that toggles up/down on every clock(clk itself is viewed as 200% by power analyser). 

for 16 bit counter the toggle rate is 12.5% average of all 16 outputs. 


If you use power analyser, first set simulation output file to SAF then run a simulation then go to power analyser and set it to SAF 


Alternatively do your own toggle rate(not easy)
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hi kaz, 


How to set simulation output file to SAF ? 

i had generated file upto vcd file but dont know how to set SAF file.
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The SAF (Signal Activity File) seems out of date now and is format of quartus so called simulator. If you generated proper VCD then can't you just enter it in power analyser?