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Highspeed Datalogger (DE1-SoC + THDB ADA)

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Hello everybody,  


We work in a course,at our university, with the DE1-SoC Board and the Highspeed THDB-ADA 

ADC Board.  


The goal is to realise a high speed data sampling unit. Therefore I 

worked through a lot of tutorials, because I'm a really newbie in the 

FPGA world. I have also done a few research on my own, and found out that a Qsys modell for the external ADC isn't available so far.  


Now my question is how can I store the measured data into a variable or into a register for further processing.  

I also found out that the registers of the GPIOs of the board are (0xFF200060 - 0xFF20006F and 0xFF200070 - 0xFF20007F), but I don't know to assign the value of the AD to a register. 


How could this be solved? 


Thank you for your help.  


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