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How do i renew our floating license for our college labs now? ModelSim Intel FPGA Edition Software




my department uses the ModelSim component in the Intel FPGA Quartus software.  We have been a part of the University program for 20+ years.  


The reason i am writing is i need help with how i should go about requesting a renewal to our existing 50 seat floating license that manages the department computers where i have the Intel FPGA software installed.


i have no clue as to how to do this.  i used to request this by using an authorization email address. that no longer seems to work.




thank you.


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For University license and related. Sign into the FPGA Academic Program website and request software licenses renewal from there.    

But if you still have any question regarding University Program, drop an Email to            

Our university team will help and answer your question


Thanks for the immediate reply on my question.   I have submitted the request to the URL as directed, but I'm told it may take up to 2 weeks for a response.  Not the ideal answer as we have been using the Altera/Intel Quartus software packages and hardware for 20+ years in our classrooms. 

I'm sitting here with crossed fingers and toes hoping for a positive response.  


Thanks for your update information. We apologize for the inconvenience happen. I will feedback to internal team for further investigation and future enhancement. Meanwhile, this thread will be transitioned to community support. If you have a new question, feel free to open a new thread to get the support from Intel experts. Otherwise, the community users will continue to help you on this thread. Thank you


It's close to 2 weeks now since my request. I am still no further in trying to obtain a new Floating license for our ModelSIM software.  The instructors do not wish to move to the latest version at this time, which means i have no interest in switching to QuestaSIM at this point of the year. 

As of today, I have also logged into the Self-Service Licensing Center, and there is nothing there for me to download for our server.  There are no new licenses with maintenance that i could possibly pair to the host id of the server.  Not even any QuestaSIM licenses so i know that this request has gone nowhere....

I also have no information on how to proceed if the request was granted.  At this point I must say i am very dissatisfied with the level of support i would expect from a global company.  We have been using and teaching your product for 20+ years in our college courses.  

I cannot 'generate' a 50 seat license on my own.  i have no way to do that with the Self-Service License Center.  It is designed for single activations if you have available licenses to apply to hardware.




In the past I could login, generate an email with our local license server details, and the text file for the license was generated quickly and sent back within hours of the request.  


Try to try harder.