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Installing UPDS v11.0 Issues

Honored Contributor I

Hello, I'm having some difficulty installing the new (v11.0) version of the UPDS.  


I have had this issue before and I had to create an Environmental Variable SOPC_KIT_NIOS2 = <location> in order to install the package. This time, however, the SOPC_KIT_NIOS2 is set correctly at c:\altera\11.0\nios2eds but I'm still getting an error: 


"Atera University Program Design Suite (V11.0) requires Quartus II version 11.0" 


my QUARTUS_ROOTDIR is c:\altera\11.0\quartus (in case that could be the issue) 


I have Quartus II v11.0 installed and it's operational, and with the SOPC_KIT_NIOS2 variable set I'm unsure what to do next. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Honored Contributor I

You may want to download Quartus v11.0 again and try an uninstall/reinstall of both Quartus and the UPDS. I don't know for certain if this will help or not. 


I can report that I did NOT have any issue with the UPDS v11.0 installer. (This was a very welcome change.) I'm currently running it on Windows XP Pro SP3.
Honored Contributor I

I noticed Altera updated version 11 of the UPDS the day after I posted my suggestion. If you are still having an issue, you may want to download the installer again to insure you are using the latest version.