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Intel DevCloud FPGA missing Arria 10 GX PAC card

New Contributor I

I am using Intel DevCloud from MobaXterm to access the Arria 10 GX PAC. 

I initialized the environment following the given tutorial:


Later, when trying "aocl diagnose", this was shown in the prompt, indicating a successful initialization: 2021-04-28 23_04_21-u72654@s005-n003_ ~.png


However, when running "" from OpenVino, the output shows only a CPU device:

2021-04-28 23_05_51-u72654@s005-n003_ ~.png


When I ran the "" example with "-d FPGA" flag for inference, I keep getting this error, which I believe is due to the lack of "FPGA" under "aocl diagnose":

2021-04-28 23_24_28-u72654@s005-n003_ ~_DIR_2021Y_04M22D_01H32M20S.png


My question: Should it shows another "Device: FPGA" below "Device: CPU"?


Thank you.

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Hi @E-Hong,


Thank you for posting in Intel community forum, notice there is a duplicate of thread posted in another section.

Hence will be closing this and following up on the latest similar thread.

Thank you.


Best Wishes