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Is there a simulator for the DE2-115 board ( or any other Quartus supported board) that I can use for to migrate my digital labs online in these times of pandemic where social isolation is needed?


I normally run my labs with DE-115 boards. My university has limited physical access to labs. I'm looking if a simulator of any Intel supported board is available to run my labs temporarily online.

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I assume you are looking for a simulator that will be able to emulate what you would expect to see on the board, without having the physical board? If I am correct in my understanding of your question here, I am sorry to tell you that we do not offer this type of simulator in any of Intel or Altera generated dev kits.


DE2-115 is built by our partner Terasic. I don't think they offer this type of simulator too but you may check. This is the link to the DE2-115 board on Terasic website:


If you do not have access to the board physically, you will need to set the board on the cloud for online access. You can set it up through the JTAG server connection or simply through remote desktop access to the computer which the board is physically connected to. Alternatively, you may try out our Intel Dev Cloud where you may be able to gain access to some of the hardware available on our Cloud:


Hope that helps.

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