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Looking for ::quartus::chip_editor::get_node_info documentation

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[Cross-posted to "Quartus II and EDA Tools Discussion" forum.] 


This relates to the Quartus TCL hooks available through QUIP. I am trying to use ::quartus::chip_editor::get_node_info, but the documentation for get_node_info in the Quartus II Scripting Reference Manual (page 2-367 in 11/6/07 version) appears to apply only to ::quartus::sta::get_node_info. For example, the documentation lists "type" as a valid field to query, but ::quartus::chip_editor::get_node_info calls "type" an illegal net_node_info value. 


# project is already open, and netlist has been read foreach_in_collection node_id { set name # works set type # doesn't work } 


I understand that get_node_info returns a collection, but I guess I don't understand collections enough to know whether they provide a way for me to browse their available fields. Is there some applicable documentation for ::quartus::chip_editor::get_node_info or is there a general way to inspect collection fields?
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[Note to interested readers. I cross-posted this question to the "Quartus II and EDA Tools Discussion" forum, and Rysc provided a response on that forum:]