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Monitor 13.0 compatible with Quartus 13.1

Honored Contributor II

Can you tell me if the Altera Monitor Program [Nios II] is compatible with Quartus II 64-bit Version 13.1.0 Build 162? The Monitor installer kept on asking me if I was sure I wanted to install Monitor 13.0, knowing that 13.1 was the version of Quartus, which was already installed. After going through the installation, I have tried running the Monitor and creating a project: it seems to work, but I need to know if there are any potential problems I might face later. 

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Honored Contributor II

I tried doing that, as far as I know, they are not compatible. you need to install Quartus 13.0 and then use monitor program 13.0. 


I would suggest to go for Nios II 13.0 SBT for Eclipse if you are working on Nios II core as it is easier to handle and not much of a hassle.  


Hope this helps.