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Problems in connecting to the DE10-Nano board using the Intel FPGA University Program


I can't connect to my board which is DE10-Nano while using the FPGA University Program. The version I downloaded is 16.1, and I found that the download link for version 17.0 is not correct. When I tried to connect the system, it shown nothing on the "Host Connection" menu. Could you help me to fix this issue?

Btw, do you have any materials for using the Arm Cortex A9 on DE10-Nano board?

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Hi JJian21, 


Kindly check the USB-Blaster driver has been installed properly. Follow the steps in below links.


If the 'Host Connection' is blank, make sure the board is connected to the host by a USB cable and that it's power on. Then, press the refresh button and check. Follow the steps in below link - Page 10


Check the materials below for DE10-Nano board.


Hope it would be helpful for you.

Thank you. 





I have problems in installing DE10 Nano driver. And Programmer of Quartus 2 can't find the De10 Nano connected.


So I found this topic. As you stated, I'm trying to install USB_Blaster 2 driver by using the link below (windows 10 installed):


I click on the apropriate link:


But the file comes as "firmware_2016-04-30---10-54-45.tar.gz" which is Linux compatible. And the links says "Windows* 7, Windows* XP, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4" No windows 10.

There is something wrong with links, that i cant understand


Thank you Calvin!

My system is Windows 10, and I already install the driver by following the instruction in the board's SD card. Then I tested the "Play" function from the website also provided from the SD card. The LED light on the board could implement "Blinking" when I pressed the button from the website. Dose that mean​ the driver had already been installed successfully?

Do I need to install any other drivers?